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Jennifer Aniston Is Engaged, Do You Think Justin Theroux Is Mr. Right?

After years of trying to find her happy ending, Jennifer Aniston may finally be on the right path. A little more than a year after they began dating, Justin Theroux surprised the former Friends star with a big, shiny marriage proposal, and Aniston said yes, confirming all the rumors that her relationship had gotten incredibly serious in a hurry.

According to People, the engagement occurred on Friday, which just so happened to be Theroux’s forty-first birthday. Clearly, he had his sights set on making his special day the greatest of his entire life, and with her yes, he seems to have done so.

Aniston and Theroux were first spotted in each other’s company last May. She’d, of course, run through a long series of Hollywood’s most eligible bachelors, and he was winding down an extremely long-term relationship. As such, fans didn’t immediately assume the union would develop into a lasting commitment, but in the months since, the two have started hanging out almost constantly. Sources close to both have been saying how happy they make each other, and with any luck, they’ll be saying as much for the rest of their lives.

Sadly, because Aniston has had so many high profile heartbreaks in the past, it’s hard not to wonder if the other shoe will drop at any point in the future. I like Justin. I really think this might be the one, but I’m not sure I’d bet my house on it.

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