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Jennifer Aniston has moved on in the wake of her divorce from Brad Pitt. She has a new fiancée in Justin Theroux and a career trajectory that’s soaring just as high as ever, but that doesn’t mean she’s necessarily excited about being confronted with the past and more specifically, Angelina Jolie.

According to E! News, Aniston’s assistant recently called British Airways to book her on a flight from LAX to Heathrow. Mid-reservation process, the airline representative apparently realized Angelina Jolie was going to be on the same flight in the first class cabin. Rather than basking in that awkwardness, however, she informed Aniston’s representative, who not surprisingly, decided to book a different flight.

With just a few minor adjustments, the situations could have been even worse too. Aniston and Pitt stayed at the same luxury hotel in London every time they visited the city. Since the break-up, they’ve both stayed there on numerous occasions on their own too, but perhaps because their people realized they would be in the city at the same time, both Angie and Jen’s people booked them at random hotels, meaning neither is staying at the place they always do.

In theory, being on the same flight with the new wife of your ex-husband or the ex-wife of your new husband doesn’t sound awful. Planes that fly from the United States to Europe are always very sizeable and carry a lot of passengers. Consequently, the vast majority of people don’t need to interact with or even see each other if they don’t want to. Unfortunately, sitting in first class is a completely different story. In that confined space, there’s no way they could just ignore each other without it being the epitome of awkwardness.

Rumor has it neither Jen nor Angie was actually told by their people about all the random switcheroos to avoid one another. If true, that tells me they have smart, competent people looking out for their best interests. If you were to ask me whether I’d be comfortable sitting next to anyone on an airplane, I’d tell you yes; however, if I had a personal assistant, I would hope she would know me well enough to keep me away from a few random people I don’t particularly like if she had the chance.

There are some who are calling for a sense of togetherness between these ladies moving forward, but honestly, I really don’t think that’s needed. They seem to be at the point where they wouldn’t flip each other off in public, and that’s really the best anyone should hope for. There’s no reason they have to be BFFs, and there’s no reason they need to sit next to one another. They’re Pitt’s past and his present/ future, and there’s no reason they can’t remain that way.

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