Jeremy Piven's Alleged Mistress Accused Of Attacking Husband After He Questioned Her Behavior

There are at least two Sophie Turners floating around Hollywood. The first is the 18-year-old English girl who plays Sansa Stark on the newly returned Game Of Thrones. The second is a 31-year-old model who has kept the gossip windmill turning for years. Not surprisingly, the second woman tends to generate more doubletake worthy headlines—like this one. She was arrested for allegedly assaulting her husband after he accused her of having an affair with Entourage actor Jeremy Piven.

The crazy story happened weeks ago, but it’s only now just coming out. According to TMZ, Turner and her husband Gianmichele Gennari allegedly had a knockdown, drag-out argument about some of the decisions she’s supposedly made lately, and that verbal confrontation allegedly crossed the line when she physically attacked him. He reportedly sustained scratches to his arm and neck and cuts to his face. She supposedly even ripped his shirt right off his body.

In the court paperwork, Gennari talks mostly in generalities about Turner leaving the house at strange hours in sexually provocative clothing without her wedding ring on, but he does get specific on at least one occasion. He accuses Turner of abandoning him and their daughter on February 8 to meet Jeremy Piven inside a Santa Monica hotel. She allegedly returned at 3:30 in the morning and long story short, he wasn’t really stoked about it.

Rumors have been raging about Piven and Turner for awhile now, but neither of them has spoken on the record about their friendship/ possible affair/ general shadiness. Until the next court date, the model has been told to stay 100 yards away from both her husband and her daughter. We’ll keep you updated on the proceedings as they happen. Until then, here’s another racy image of Turner via her Instagram account.

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