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Jeremy Sisto Explains Why He Named His Kid Bastian Kick

Suburgatory’s Jeremy Sisto and his wife Addie Lane have always been into unique names. Their first child, a girl, goes by the name Charlie Ballerina. When the couple learned they were going to have a baby boy, they started perusing the dictionary for one-of-a-kind monikers. Interestingly, the name the couple ended up with was Bastian Kick, which was borrowed from several places.

The inspiration for “Kick” apparently came from a relative of Suburgatory co-star Cheryl Hines’ Kennedy family member boyfriend. Robert Kennedy, Jr.’s daughter rolls with the nickname, Kick, and the Sisto family found it to be an “inspiration.” For Bastian, the couple went through baby books, eventually finding the name of the main character in The NeverEnding Story and rolling with it. Sisto recently shared the naming process with People, also admitting it took a little longer than expected to come up with the right selections.

“We didn’t name him until the baby was about a month because we didn’t want to rush into anything.”

Since the baby is only ten months old, that means they only settled on their final selection nine months ago. Even with the name thing all figured out, apparently, the couple still needs to change over baby Bastian Kick’s birth certificate, but otherwise he's all set. Hopefully, the kid will love the name as much as his parents because this handle isn’t exactly one he will likely be indifferent about. If he’s not down, however, there are always exciting childhood nicknames to look forward to.

You can check out more words of wisdom from Sisto and his wife’s name-picking process, here.

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