Jerry The King Lawler Returning To Monday Night Raw After Heart Attack

Jerry The King Lawler is set to return to the commentator’s booth this evening on Monday Night Raw. The beloved sixty-two-year-old suffered a heart attack while live on the air back in September, but after two months of rehab/ recovery, he’s finally been cleared by the powers that be to inject his usual hilarity into World Wrestling Entertainment’s broadcasts.

Given his long and storied history behind the microphone, most expect Lawler to comfortably slide back into his announcing role without incident. The only real question is whether he’ll ever be used outside it again. In the weeks leading up to Jerry’s heart attack, the King engaged in a feud with the much younger CM Punk that involved plenty of in-ring action. The WWE has always enjoyed incorporating Lawler, Jim Ross and others into storylines that occasional involve physicality, but executives might think twice about such a blurring of roles after seeing the downside.

Regardless of what he winds up doing, Lawler is definitely happy to be returning. Here’s what the witty veteran had to say via Twitter

”On the plane about to take off to Columbus, Ohio for my first time back on Raw in nine weeks! Gotta admit, I'm a little nervous, but excited.”

Monday Night Raw just hasn’t been the same without Lawler. Expect the fans to give him an absolutely raucous ovation when he first enters and to reward him with a few “King” chants during the action.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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