Jon Stewart Is Still Mad About Hugh Grant's Daily Show Behavior 3 Years Later

During Jon Stewart’s long tenure hosting The Daily Show, he’s had a lot of very famous and very important people on as guests. From former presidents to current leaders of foreign countries, his staff is used to waiting on people used to being waited on, but never has he had a guest more unreasonable than Hugh Grant. In fact, the actor’s appearance went so poorly Stewart vowed never to invite him back again.

The usually affable host made the comments during a conversation at a fundraiser for New Jersey’s Montclair Film Festival last week. According to Digital Spy, his buddy Stephen Colbert asked him who the worst guest of all-time was, and that’s when he launched into the tirade about Grant and his constant complaints during his time on set in 2009. Here’s an excerpt of his comments…

"He's giving everyone shit the whole time, and he's a big pain in the ass. And we've had dictators on the show."

In addition to ordering people around, he also apparently complained about the film clip from Did You Hear About The Morgans? that The Daily Show ran during his appearance. Stewart, of course, had little sympathy about that gripe since Hugh could have, you know, just made a movie that didn’t suck.

I’m sure Grant has a different recollection of how things went during his appearance, but in all honesty, he should take this moment to really reflect on his own behavior. The Daily Show has featured thousands of guests. There’s no way all of those people were on their best behaviors; so, to be singled out as the worst one means you must have been far more godawful than the godawful Did You Hear About The Morgans?.

Mack Rawden
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