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The deluge of bad press surrounding Justin Bieber grew this morning after the actor got into a confrontation with a neighbor in his upscale Calabasas community. Apparently, the pop star recently ordered a Ferrari, and it was dropped off at his house this morning. Unfortunately, instead of admiring it from afar, he apparently decided to test it out by racing it up and down the nearby streets. Obviously, that didn’t sit so well with those living nearby, and when one walked over to the Biebs’ property to talk about it, all hell allegedly broke loose, at least “all hell” in comparison to how upperclass dudes normally communicate.

According to TMZ, the unidentified male neighbor and Bieber screamed at each other for awhile, and the random dude was eventually escorted off the property by the singer’s security team. If the neighbor is to be believed, Bieber threatened and made physical contact with him. After the authorities were called, he filed a police report, though it’s unclear whether any actual charges will come from the matter.

It’s highly unlikely that Bieber did anything more than shove this dude, but even if he never made contact, it’s just the latest in a long series of recent incidents that have led many to wonder whether the singer is turning into a lowlife. Between ranting about how people are out to get him, hanging out with a new group of friends and smoking pot, he’s definitely no longer a kid, which is both natural and means it’s likely we’ll see a whole lot more mistakes in the near future.