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Following an arrest, a bad test score, a blow-up fight or any other depressing event, most of us like to take some time to recuperate and get our spirits back up to an acceptable level. Typically, that involves a night out with friends or maybe a roll in the hay with a loved one, but given unlimited resources, these options can become a little more extravagant.

Rather than heading back to Los Angeles to deal with the pressures of the media and of his music career, Justin Bieber decided to blow off some steam from his recent dui/ drag racing/ resisting arrest bust by flying off to Panama. He hasn’t spoken publically as to why, but one would imagine warm weather and a lack of paparazzi are strong motivators. Besides, his new lady friend, Chantel Jeffries, looks pretty good in a bikini…

Following the Biebs’ initial arrest and the release of his shit-eating-grin mug shot, the general public was pretty much ready to convict him of drag racing in a residential neighborhood while intoxicated on drugs and alcohol. Within the last day, however, some stabs at reasonable doubt have started to emerge. Consequently, it’s unclear whether the case will amount to anything.

Regardless, it makes complete sense why Bieber wouldn’t be interested in answering questions about his behavior, his relationship with his father who was reportedly present or his burgeoning romantic entanglement with Jeffries, who just so happens to be DeSean Jackson’s ex-girlfriend and possibly a crazy woman. Between all of his charity work, his appeals to younger audiences and his attraction to partying and the hip-hop life style, he seems to be a teenager stuck between two worlds. At some point, he’s going to have to choose. Maybe the answers will come in Panama. Maybe not.

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