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Back in February, an app called Joustin’ Beaver launched that allows players to sign Otter-Graphs while floating down a river and avoiding Phot-Hogs. Almost immediately, Justin Bieber, or more likely, Justin Bieber’s handlers, decided the game was infringing upon his likeness and should be shut down immediately. The company behind the game refused to do so, and now, the public bitching has turned into a really catty lawsuit. You can take a look at what the animated semi-aquatic rodent looks like below…

According to TMZ, RC3 recently filed a preemptive lawsuit seeking to make sure its rights to poke fun at the singer by producing a parody were protected. Unfortunately for the company, it seems its lawsuit was filed in Florida, and since the Biebs doesn’t live in Florida, his lawyers are demanding the case be dismissed immediately because of the technicality. Assumedly, if a court sides with the pop star, another cease-and-desist letter over the game will be sent, but at this point, that’s one huge if.

In the grand scheme of things for the Biebs to get his feathers ruffled over, it seems like an obvious parody called Joustin’ Bieber should not be one of them, but I guess different folks have different thresholds of annoyance. Besides, I’m sure RC3 isn’t that pissed about the legal back-and-forth considering it has generated all sorts of free press for the company’s game.

We’ll see how this works out once a judge actually makes a decision, but if you’re really hellbent to check out what all the fuss is about, I’d probably purchase the app sooner rather than later just in case.

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