Justin Bieber’s argument/ maybe physical altercation may have been most directly caused by the pop star speeding in his new Ferrari yesterday morning, but if neighbors are to be believed, this incident was far from the first time the Biebs has gotten very reckless with his automobile. In fact, he supposedly drives at speeds approaching one hundred miles an hour inside his gated community in Calabasas on a regular basis.

According to TMZ, this growing hostility boiled over yesterday because many kids were out playing because of Spring Break, and the wife of the man who confronted Bieber was out walking the family dog. Bieber supposedly whizzed past her and everyone else at an incredible speed; so, when he returned, the neighbor charged over and gave the singer a piece of his mind.

Bieber hasn’t spoken publically about what happened, but several neighbors have supposedly confirmed that his driving is out of control. Given the police were called to the scene, Justin obviously didn’t take his tongue-lashing very well, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he won’t change his behavior once he has time to reflect on the situation. After all, if he really has been driving at speeds around one hundred miles an hour in a residential community while children are playing, he should be well aware that’s completely unacceptable.

Here’s to hoping we get less negative press and more positive press from the Biebs in the coming months. Lord knows he needs some good headlines.

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