Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez may have parted ways, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be separated forever. After nearly two years of dating, the actress gave the “Baby” singer his walking papers earlier this month. Various reports point to the incompatibility of their crazy schedules as the reason she cited when giving her man the heave-ho, but apparently, the Biebs is still confident they’ll find their way back together.

According to TMZ, they’ve broken up on numerous occasions before, and following each pothole in the road, they’ve decided to give it another go. In Justin’s mind, this is just another example of that trend, especially since there’s no third party involved. Rumors have been flying over the past few days that he’s gotten involved with a Victoria’s Secret model, but there supposedly aren’t any facts to back up those rumors.

Given the hectic lives both Selena and Justin lead, they’ll likely be apart for long stretches moving forward. Thus, it’s unlikely they’ll just fall back into anything. If they’re going to be together again, someone is going to need to put in serious work and a commitment is going to be needed that both parties will make time for the relationship.

We’ll keep you updated if there’s any alteration in their dating life. Until then, assume both of these talented and attractive people are back on the market.

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