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It’s been a less than stellar week for Justin Bieber. The pop star was performing in Tacoma on Tuesday evening when someone snuck into the tour manager’s office and made off with a slew of valuables. The full extent of the theft is unknown to the general public, but the missing items included at least a camera and a computer, both of which contained sensitive information.

It’s unclear whether the Biebs filed a police reported about the incident, but he did hit up Twitter to bitch about it a few times. You can take a look at one of the complaints below…
”yesterday during the show me and my tour manager josh had some stuff stolen. really sucks. people should respect other's property”

Given how annoying getting robbed is, Bieber should have been able to spend a few days fixating on that, but unfortunately for him and the taxpayers of Los Angeles, that’s not the only bit of bad luck he ran into. Early this morning, police descended on his home after receiving a call that someone was waving a gun around. When they arrived, it was determined the call was the latest of several hoaxes designed to get a large number of police to falsely respond to a celebrity’s home. According to The Los Angeles Times, responders interviewed members of Bieber’s security team just to be safe and then left.

Here’s to hoping the rest of Justin’s October is more pleasing, or at least not detrimental to the wallets of LA taxpayers.

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