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So much for a clean, efficient break-up. Just days after she reportedly blocked the pop star’s number from her cell phone, Selena Gomez apparently let Justin Bieber spend the night at her place and then hung out with him at a hotel in Beverly Hills, California yesterday. Over the past week, rumors of a mystery woman getting in between the longtime couple have been everywhere, but if the Biebs really did stay the night at her house, there may not be any substance to the whispers. Or Gomez might just be very invested in working things out.

According to TMZ, Gomez was out of town but arrived back in Los Angeles on Wednesday evening. The Biebs supposedly met her at the airport with his driver, and all involved headed back to her residence for the evening. On Thursday morning, the pair made their way to the beautiful Four Seasons Hotel but entered separately as to not draw too much attention.

If these two were about ten years older, this break-up, hang out, block phone numbers behavior would be a clear sign these two shouldn’t be together. Since they’re barely past high school age, however, it really doesn’t mean a whole lot. Most of us didn’t act the most sensibly in love when we were eighteen, and some of us still eventually got it together.

Expect this weird dating/ non dating nonsense to last for at least a hot minute before a long-term decision is made on their future.