For years, Justin Bieber behaved like a publicist’s dream. He was like Tim Tebow without the aggressive religious agenda. He was always taking part in random causes and visiting sick children. For every one negative headline, there was at least two dozen extremely positive or endearing ones. Unfortunately, that hasn’t been the case for the past few months, and the above cartoon is a pretty good indication of why.

On the surface, there’s really nothing wrong with the above photograph. Nineteen-year-old boys usually speak very frankly about their sexual exploits, and now that the Biebs is no longer dating Selena Gomez, he should be free to bed Beliebers if he wants to. Unfortunately for him, however, much of his popularity was made through appealing to younger girls. He got famous for his wholesomeness, and while his burgeoning sexuality is completely natural, his cocky attitude toward it isn’t exactly endearing, nor is that phase in general. There’s a reason why most men are over regaling everyone with their stories of one night stands by the time they hit the second half of their twenties.

If Justin really does want to make the above cartoon a reality many times over, for his own sake, I hope he wraps it up. Most Beliebers might be good wholesome ladies, but it only takes one bad one to create a lifetime of problems.

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