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Justin Bieber Still Mum About His Fans Cutting Themselves

Justin Bieber already addressed the weed smoking pictures by telling fans he never wanted to let them down, but thanks to a disturbing Internet trend, some observers think the pot star (pun intended) needs to go even further. Several days ago, users over at 4chan started a fake campaign called “Cut For Bieber” in which pictures of people cutting themselves were posted along with messages about how they were doing it to get the Biebs to stop smoking marijuana. The images spread like wildfire, and an unknown number of teens unwittingly joined the hoax by actually cutting themselves.

As of press time, Bieber still hasn’t said anything about the campaign, but several other celebrities have. Both Paris Jackson and Evan Rachel Wood tweeted about the mess, and Miley Cyrus took it a step further a few minutes ago. Here’s what she had to say

“I really hope this cutting shit is just a bunch of punk ass haters that have nothing better to do & no one out there harming themselves.”

With all of these celebrities now imploring people to stop, it’s entirely possible that Bieber will not need to address the pot smoking controversy again to get the cutting to stop. That’s the ideal scenario, but if it somehow continues to get more popular, he may have no choice. We’ll just have to see over the next day or so.

If you or someone you know is considering cutting themselves over Bieber or any other reason, please get in touch with a medical professional immediately. Self-harm is never the solution.

Mack Rawden
Mack Rawden

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