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During last night’s opening show for Justin Bieber’s Believe tour, the pop star gave fans a little more than they were probably expecting. During his Phoenix suburb concert at the Jobing Arena, the normally suave 18-year old had to stop mid-performance to vomit on stage. We’re not talking a little spit-up, people, we’re talking full on stomach problems.

The Biebs was in the middle of singing “Out of Town Girl” when he had to turn around and attempt to book it offstage. He didn’t quite make it, and ended up throwing up all over the stage. According to USA Today, the young man took a few minutes to collect himself off stage, before returning to perform. You can see the gross moment toward the very end of the video, a little after the two-minute mark.

If that wasn’t bad enough, during “Beauty and the Beat” the kid had more stomach trouble, this time leaving the stage for several minutes. He eventually finished up the performance, closing out with the hit single “Boyfriend” off of his Believe album. Today, the young man came clean on Twitter, joking about his milk intake prior to the show.
“And .... Milk was a bad choice! Lol”

As gross as the incident probably was for fans, Bieber still deserves kudos for finishing out the night and not disappointing his audience. Saturday’s show was only the first night on a lengthy tour, and the young star will have plenty of opportunity to finesse his live show and get rid of any stomach bugs (or butterflies) that may be plaguing him.

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