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Kanye West Or The Paparazzi: Who is More At Fault For The Confrontations?

Yesterday morning, Kanye West was involved in yet another battle with photographers. This time, the rapper was making his way out of his home at 4 AM to head to the airport when two men reportedly started snapping pictures and asking him questions about how he was doing. In typical Kanye fashion, he lost it.

The musician began screaming obscenities at the two individuals and went on a tirade about how they were blood suckers trying to make money off of him. At one point, he even got a little physically aggressive but reportedly stopped himself short of actually touching the other men.

According to TMZ, West has every intention of filing charges against one of the photographers because he supposedly trespassed on his property while trying to take some snapshots. No doubt a judge won’t take too kindly to a photog wandering on a celeb’s property, but even so, this is far from Kanye’s first brush with paparazzi-related problems.

This past summer, West got into a heated altercation at LAX over pictures, and recently, he was even formally charged over the incident. As part of the trial, prosecutors are reportedly planning to bring up at least four other incidents West has had with the paparazzi over the past few years.

On the one hand, it’s easy to understand how much it would suck to constantly be followed around by people taking your picture. The lack of privacy would be jarring, and it would even be a little scary, especially when his baby mama and daughter are involved. On the other hand, however, photographers wouldn’t bother him so much if he would politely smile, pose for a picture and move on. Part of the reason why he gets obsessively followed is because he’s liable to freak out and cause a scene.

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