Kate Winslet Names Son Bear, Rate Her Choice

Kate Winslet isn’t afraid to get a little weird when it comes to baby names, but apparently, there still is a line she’s unwilling to cross. An outside the box first name, for example, is on the right side of the divider. An outside the box last name, however, just doesn’t work. So, when she gave birth to her third child earlier this month, she went eccentric but not full-on weird.

According to E! Online, the Academy Award winning actress named her son Bear Winslet. That’s definitely a breach of the status quo given the child was handed mom’s surname rather than dad’s, but considering dad bizarrely changed his name to Ned Rocknroll some time ago, the decision really isn’t as odd as it might seem on first glance. Bear Winslet screams eccentric. Bear Rocknroll screams weirdo.

Winslet, once the wife of director Sam Mendes, met Rocknroll through her friendship with his uncle Richard Branson. The two married about a year ago at a small ceremony with only her first two children and oddly, Leonardo Dicaprio in attendance. Her family members weren’t even told ahead of time. Obviously, that choice led to more than a few double takes, but in the year or so since, the two seem to have settled into a far more comfortable life during 2013.

If Bear sounds like a familiar name, it’s probably because Alicia Silverstone decided to give her son the same handle back in 2011. At the time, her choice was greeted with some of the normal condescension that typically comes with celebrity baby names, but on the whole, most people have sort of come around to the loveable oddity of Bear.

What do you think? Are you down with Winslet’s choice, or do you think she went off the deep end with her decision making this time around? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

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