Katie Holmes Hits Tom Cruise With Divorce Papers

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are done. The actress reportedly blindsided her husband with divorce papers yesterday, and by all accounts, he’s pretty devastated about it. The two first began dating in April of 2005, and within a few months, they announced she was pregnant. Suri was born the following April, and her parents were married in November of 2006. Rumors of trouble began almost immediately, but over the past few years, those whispers largely vanished, at least until today when Holmes’ representative put out a statement shocking everyone with the abrupt split.

According to TMZ, Katie has apparently decided to go for the throat in the proceedings because she’s already asked the judge to give her sole custody of young Suri. In addition to complete control over her daughter, she also reportedly wants child support and a split of marital assets. Cruise and Holmes signed a prenup prior to their marriage, but I guess she’s not excited about living up to the agreement she signed. I can’t imagine a judge will find reason to tear up the document, but I suppose we’ll see when this case progresses that far.

Ordinarily, when a Hollywood divorce comes down the pipeline, it’s really not altogether surprising. Given how willingly friends and acquaintances normally are to talk, the public typically gets wind of problems as they’re happening. In this case, we’ve heard almost nothing, which means Katie and Tom have been really secretive or this whole mess really came out of nowhere.

We’ll keep you updated. Until then, Pop Blend’s thoughts go out to Suri as she deals with her parents moving into different houses.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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