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Kid Rock Slams Justin Bieber Over His Behavior, Compares Him To Vanilla Ice

Kid Rock has seen what can happen to teen stars before. The incredible, almost otherworldly fame. The increasingly volatile behavior. The audiences filled with mostly young people. The poor decisions. The scrapes with the law. The reckless use of money. He knows how this story has a tendency to end, which is why he actually feels bad for Justin Bieber because he’s very worried he’s heading the way of Vanilla Ice (at least prior to his recent resurgence as a do it yourself expert).

The comments in question were made by the rocker during an appearance on The Howard Stern Show this week. Kid Rock was there to publicize his $20 ticket, $4 beer tour when the subject of the Biebs came up, and like usual, the Detroit musician didn’t hold back. Here’s a portion of his actual quote, taken just after Rock brought up the Vanilla Ice similarities…

"The kid's young. He's got some money. He's got the world in his hands. It's just kind of sad to see him go down this trajectory. It's gonna be a very long ride down. We all know the story. I kind of feel for the kid, to be honest with you."

Something has definitely changed on an almost fundamental level about Bieber over the last year. He was a magnet for good press during all of his early years in the public eye. He gave great soundbites. He relentlessly gave to charity, and he generally behaved like the nicest kid you knew in youth group. Unfortunately, now his life has descended into a series of reckless driving accusations, confrontations with neighbors and stunning examples of irresponsibility. In fact, why don’t you check out a list of the most recent Bieber stories here at Cinema Blend? I’ve placed an arrow next to the items I would consider good or neutral press…

That's right. There's one arrow, and it's about a scheme to shoot a music video in space that could have easily been thought of by George Costanza or Mac from It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Apart from that nonsense, it’s been pretty ugly lately for the Biebs in terms of CB coverage, and to be honest, my co-workers and I have actually made a conscious decision to not cover most of his recent problems with photographers, though other outlets have forwarded the news along. Observers often like to say in the music business any publicity is good publicity, but that old adage refers more to envelope-pushing women like Nicki Minaj Instagraming topless pictures (NSFW-ish), as opposed to male teenage stars who make bank largely from younger girls behaving like frat boy jackasses.

I highly doubt Bieber will have any interest in engaging with Kid Rock, and I highly doubt Kid Rock will have any interest in apologizing for something he clearly believes. So, this should be the end of this, but if something else does come from it, we will let you know the details.

Mack Rawden

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