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Kim Kardashian really enjoys modeling all of the crap she owns. She proved it earlier this month, when she spent days showing fans her huge shoe collection. Now she’s wigging out over the color red.

Kardashian took to Instagram recently to show off how she would look as a red head. I’m not talking demure, classy red like Nicole Kidman or Emma Stone. I’m talking Snow White’s lips red, a wig so brightly colored it puts Scott Pilgrim’s Ramona Flowers to shame. The red hair color is less ridiculous than the pursed-lips look on Kardashian's face, meant to make us all believe she has model-worthy cheekbones. Saw that joke in Head Over Heels, biatch.

Seriously, though, the red could work given the right occasion and I think it is pretty impressive the look preserves her thick fringe. It's not like Kardashian is huge into changing her hair color or look, so a change-up like this could be nice every now and again. What do you think of Kardashian’s red hairdo? Is it a winner?

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