Americans typically can’t agree on anything, but at some point following Kim Kardashian’s disastrous marriage, we all collectively decided Kris Humphries was a d-bag. Totally natural and almost touching in a way, Americans old, young, black and white all looked at their televisions and collectively said, “That guy fucking sucks.”

For awhile, Kris Humphries’ response was to try and win us back. He appeared on various talk shows, gave interviews about his parents and generally tried to scientifically prove he wasn’t a douche bag. Unfortunately, that didn’t work; so, now he’s on to plan B: admitting everyone hates him and trying to play it off for a laugh.

In a new video for “Funny Or Die”, the Nets rebounder meets with marketing executives who convince him to channel his inner douche as a way to make money. Take a look at the clip below…

I can’t figure out whether this video has actually convinced me to hate Kris Humphries any less, but nonetheless, I would play the shit out of that dick kicking video game, even if I knew the profits were heading straight into his wallet. I guess that’s high praise.

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