Kris Humphries was likely looking for some fame when he began dating and later married Kim Kardashian. If that was his goal, it absolutely worked, but given his current place in popular culture, I can’t imagine he’d take the deal again. For months, he was trashed almost daily following his separation and behavior on his soon-to-be ex-wife’s reality show, and now he’s allegedly been victimized by an extortion plot attempted by the woman he supposedly moved on from Kim to.

According to TMZ, Humphries’ attorneys contacted the FBI on Friday, claiming Myla Sinanaj was holding text messages, emails and other forms of communication over the NBA player’s head in an attempt to milk some money out of him. Humphries was allegedly willing to negotiate at the beginning, but when she wouldn’t come down on her demands, he reportedly gave the greenlight for the FBI to become involved.

Little is known about what dirty secrets the texts might contain, but obviously, the extortion demand was made over an electronic device or the FBI wouldn’t have taken the case. That was poor planning on her part if her alleged misbehavior actually happened, and given how serious authorities typically treat extortion cases, Sinanaj could wind up paying dearly.

Humphries and Sinanaj reportedly began seeing each other after they met at a hotel. Rumor has it she wanted some kind of firm commitment, and he was more comfortable just hooking up. Regardless of how it actually went down, I’m sure the mini-relationship no longer seems worth it in either of their minds.

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