Kristin Davis Sex Tape

The latest celebrity to be caught in a sex tape may be the biggest so far. I mean, at least she’s someone who’s actually an actress and not just some random, publicity whoring nookie girl. The rumor this week from celeb sites like Faded Youth, is that there’s allegedly a sex tape out there with Kristin Davis on it. You probably know her as the only pretty one of the four girls on Sex and the City, and this summer she’ll be on movie screens in Sex and the City: The Movie.

The tape hasn’t been released yet, but the celebrity site Faded Youth has screen caps which they believe are convincing. They claim they may depict a young, naked Kristin Davis doing all sorts of horrible, unshaven things. You can see all the NSFW pictures over at Faded Youth, but let’s face it you probably shouldn’t unless you want to feel bad about yourself in the morning.

For now, Kristin’s reps are insisting that the woman in the picture isn’t her, but then I would too. It really looks like her. A lot. Though I guess it’s blurry enough that unless the entire tape is released there’s no way to tell for sure. For her sake, let’s hope it isn’t released or that this is just another in a long line of fakes.