Lady Gaga Gets Naked Again To Promote ARTPOP

Lady Gaga’s always been pretty comfortable with her body. In the past year, the singer has had to deal with some mean press headlines and even some criticism after putting on 25 pounds during a rigorous touring schedule. She recently took some time off to deal with a hip tear and surgery, seeming to gain a more svelte figure in the process. Now, she’s getting naked to promote her newest album, ARTPOP.

Lady Gaga's new look isn’t exactly alluring. The 27-year-old singer has always been known for daring fashion choices, but when you’re naked, you really need some sweet accessories to stand out, and boring black boots don't really cut it. However, the singer is rocking some wild glasses while sitting on a bunch of circuit boards formed into what must be a really uncomfortable chair, which does add some flair to the photo.

This isn’t the first time that Gaga has chosen to be naked as a promotional tool. The “Born this Way” singer also notably got naked to promote her line of perfume, Fame. That time around was much more revealing, with Gaga in a picture straight of a Greek painting, covered with tiny men crawling across her chest and crotch. That image is a whole lot weirder and gives us a much clearer glimpse at Lady Gaga’s body than this one does. The singer also notably got naked for Tony Bennet, so that he could put together and artistic image of the singer for an issue of Vanity Fair.


Via her Facebook page, Gaga also announced that the cover art for the first single off of her new album, “Applause,” will be released tonight on the Women’s Wear Daily site and tomorrow on newsstands. That’s a little something to look forward to, especially since “Applause” will not be officially released until August 19. On that same day, fans can begin pre-ordering the new album.

It’ll be even longer until fans can get their hands on ARTPOP, which won’t hit the market until November 11. Gaga’s been big on the promotional stuff ever since she made a comeback from her hip injury in June. She and her creative team have an app in the works that will help fans to be more interactive with her album endeavor. She’s also been big with the Facebook announcements, which all conveniently include semi-revealing photographs of the pop singer.

We may not know if ARTPOP will be any good, but at least we know the singer is completely stoked about nudity in the workplace. Keep your eyes peeled for that singles cover in the next few hours.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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