Earlier today, cycling legend Lance Armstrong sat down with Oprah Winfrey for his first interview since being stripped of his Tour de France titles. Rumors have swirled for days that he was strongly considering making at least a limited confession about doping to the beloved talk show host, and considering he reportedly left the interview extremely emotional after more than two and a half hours, it seems likely he finally fessed up.

After a battle with cancer, Armstrong rose through the ranks of the cycling world and eventually won seven Tour de France titles. For years, accusations of using performance enhancing drugs followed him wherever he went, but he always denied those claims. In recent years, a stunning number of his fellow cyclists have admitted to doping. Twelve of them implicated Armstrong during their confessions, which turned out to be enough evidence to strip the legend of his titles and ban him from competing in both cycling and triathlon events.

With the weight of the world starting to fall on top of him, Armstrong resigned from his Livestrong charity last year. If he did admit to using performance enhancing drugs just like an overwhelming majority of other cyclists, it may have been the best card he has left to play, but in playing it to mend fences with the public, he could potentially open himself up to lawsuits from sponsors and the various papers he accused of lying when they ran exposes about him in the past.

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