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Rumors surrounding the recent Hollywood Hills house party jewelry theft have been getting stranger and stranger, but unfortunately for Lindsay Lohan, all the stories seem to include her. The latest involves Ambien, and if it’s to be believed, the actress could wind up in big trouble.

The alleged theft in question occurred a little more than a week ago at the home of Lindsay’s friend Sam Magid. Some expensive silverware, watches and sunglasses were taken, and when the crime was discovered, police were called to the scene. Initial suspicion reportedly fell upon two men who the actress brought to the party. According to TMZ, they later called Magid to tell him they had some of the items but only because Lindsay gave them a bag with the stolen goods inside.

Obviously, that sounds like a horrible lie, but supposedly, when Magid asked Lohan about it, she said she’d taken some Ambien and was convinced she had to hide his things so other people wouldn’t steal them. The homeowner reportedly told authorities the actress even said she was sorry and asked for prayers.

At this point, there’s no way to know what to believe. Lohan supposedly thinks the two men who actually had the goods stole the items. Cops are apparently zeroing in on Lohan herself. It’s all one giant mess, and sadly, it could ruin all the good will she created with her recent performances.