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Lindsay Lohan may have initially wanted to roll the dice and take her chances at trial in the lying to police case, but as the big moment approached, she apparently decided compromise was the better call. So, the starlet instructed her much-criticized lawyer Mark Heller to work out a plea agreement with prosecutors. After plenty of debate, all parties came to an agreement, and if Lindsay can stay out of trouble, she’ll be able to stay out of jail.

Fortunately or unfortunately, she won’t be able to stay out of rehab, however. According to TMZ, in exchange for having one charge dropped and being allowed to plead no contest to the other two, Lohan will serve ninety days in a locked rehabilitation facility, undergo therapy for eighteen months and perform thirty days of community service in New York. If she completes all of that without causing any more problems, the one hundred and eighty days in jail she also faces will magically evaporate without being served.

It’s been a pretty crazy few days for Lohan. After missing her first flight from New York to Los Angeles, she wound up not getting on the second plane either and had to take a private jet into LA this morning. She arrived for court roughly forty-five minutes late, but since the plea agreement happened, it didn’t wind up causing her any problems.

Here’s to hoping Lindsay gets her act together, and this will be the last time any of us hear about this stupid car accident.

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