Lindsay Lohan Kicks Longtime Lawyer Shawn Holley To The Curb

Lindsay Lohan has decided to go in a different direction with all future legal matters. The actress fired longtime Los Angeles-based attorney Shawn Holley this morning and replaced her with New York City legal expert Mark Heller. Up until now, the two were splitting all of Lohan’s cases based on location, but for whatever reason, the starlet decided Holley was expendable.

According to TMZ, the timing of the dismissal was very strange. Holley was actually on her way to the courthouse to continue working on a settlement to keep LiLo out of jail on the lying to police charge when she received a phone call saying she was out. Obviously, she didn’t move forward with the meeting, which probably didn’t sit too well with prosecutors. Now Heller will probably have to head to Los Angeles to finish what Holley started, but at this point, there’s no way to know whether he’ll be anywhere near as successful as she was.

Lohan hasn’t spoken publically about why she felt the change was necessary, but according to Radar Online, the motivation might actually be money. She reportedly owes her attorney more than three hundred thousand dollars for all of the services she has provided and hasn’t made a single payment in six months. It’s unclear how much less Heller is charging, but rumor has it he’s more interested in generating press for his business than actually collecting money from LiLo.

It’s possible this lawyer swap won’t have any affect on Lindsay’s punishment for allegedly lying to police. Then again, it’s also possible this will turn out to be an awful decision. We’ll keep you updated.

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