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Lindsay Lohan Will Reportedly Boot Most Of Her Friends After Rehab

Think about the people you spend time with. Now imagine you had to put each person into a column labeled either good influence or bad influence. What percent of those friends do you think would fall into the bad influence column? Ten? Twenty? Fifty? If the latest rumors are to be believed, when Lindsay did the aforementioned life exercise in rehab, she put eighty percent of the people in her life into the toxic column.

According to TMZ, Lohan, who is currently finishing out her rehabilitation stint at Cliffside in Malibu, was at a recent therapy session when the discussion turned toward the negative role bad influences can play in one’s life. Not surprisingly, the actress’ ears reportedly turned up during that exchange, and she was allegedly so fired up about the discussion she went back to her room and made a list of one hundred people she spends time with and dropped each one of them into the good or the bad box. Obviously, the exact contents of that list haven’t gone public, but visiting friends who have seen it are saying it contains eighty names in the bad pile.

When it comes to Lindsay’s good cycles and bad cycles, it’s often been said the primary difference between the periods is who she’s choosing to hang out with. In a town populated by a healthy percentage of people willing to cater to the reckless impulses of celebrities, it’s of the upmost importance a star with a natural impulse to party quite a bit chooses his or her close circle as wisely as possible. After all, while people might not be excited about having a buzz kill around, having someone say, “It’s okay to go home at eleven PM” is extremely beneficial in the long run.

Lohan’s current stint in rehab traces its way back to a car accident she got into. The actress allegedly told authorities her assistant was driving, but after a thorough investigation, the cops decided that wasn’t the case. Since alcohol was allegedly found at the scene and the Mean Girls star has had more than her share of problems with substance abuse in the past, the prosecution decided to push for a 90 day lockbox rehab stay, which Lindsay ultimately agreed to. At first, she was very clear about not actually needing rehab, but by all accounts, she’s actually pushed herself and worked hard while inside.

Hopefully, this will be the start of a lifelong upward trajectory for Lindsay. Early buzz about her performance in The Canyons has varied, but ideally, it could lead to more roles in the future, provided she’s sober enough to take them. Considering her talent, let’s hope she’ll get to that point.

Either way, we’ll keep you updated on Lohan’s progress as she ends her stint and plunges back into the real world, hopefully with a leaner and more positive group of friends.

Mack Rawden
Mack Rawden

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