The last half decade or so of Lindsay Lohan’s life hasn’t been drama free; so, I suppose none of us should have expected her rehab to be without intrigue. The Mean Girls actress recently decided not to complete her treatment at the Betty Ford Clinic and to instead transfer to a different rehab facility in Malibu. On the surface, the whole thing sounds extremely shady, but if the specifics are to be believed, it’s actually understandable.

According to TMZ, the Betty Ford Clinic is typically designed to serve patients for thirty days. There’s a specific program most go through and a clear completion date. Lohan reportedly passed the entire thing with flying colors, but with sixty days left to go, she decided it would be better to go somewhere else that has a different two month treatment plan.

Showing an incredible level of maturity compared to her normal MO, Lohan reportedly brought up the idea to prosecutors ahead of time, and after a conference with the judge, they willingly granted her request. Because of the original fit she pitched about not being able to take Adderall while inside, there are a few conspiracies floating around that this rehab swap may be prescription drug-related, but sources close to the situation are saying she won’t be allowed to take ADHD medication at the new place either.

Personal problems might be overlooked and giggled about when Hollywood stars are in their teens and early twenties, but Lohan is approaching the age in which she needs to get her act together if she wants to keep working. Considering her talent level and the enthusiasm she’s capable of bringing to the right role, let’s hope she’ll be able to accomplish just that.

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