Katy Perry’s new song, “Walking on Air,” sounds quite a bit different than her recent single, “Roar.” While “Roar” is a rather empowering and uplifting track, “Walking on Air” is a club thumper with a lot of spirit. Even Perry’s voice sounds a little different on the new track. Instead of sounding pop-oriented and cutesy, she’s going for something a little more soulful—vocals that would sound perfect in a church setting (at least until the chorus kicks in), although the lyrics and the electronic dance music are not exactly what I would call church fodder.

Officially, “Walking on Air” is not a single. Instead, Perry is marketing the song as “another color” from her upcoming Prism album, which will hit the market on October 22.

Releasing the audio for the single early is actually a pretty interesting marketing move, as Perry announced earlier on Monday that if “Walking on Air” does well, she’ll continue the trend of letting us hear her new music before the album officially drops.

So far, Prism has really lived up to its name. The music we’ve heard has been extremely colorful, but it has also introduced us to a range of different styles from the 28-year-old, including another of these non-singles “Dark Horse,” which features some rap from Juicy J. It might end up making for a pretty schizophrenic album, but everything we’ve hear has been catchy, and in the scheme of pop music, that’s pretty much all that matters.

You can order the already-released tracks or pre-order Prism over at iTunes.

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