Lady Gaga won’t be the only princess of pop putting out a new album this fall. Katy Perry announced on Tuesday that she has plans to release a brand new album. It’s not enough to just write up a press release these days, and in epic fashion Perry opted to tell her fans she has a new release coming via a giant gold semi truck. Today, the truck drove around Los Angeles, CA announcing that the 28-year-old singer will release her fourth studio album, Prism on October 22.

It’s high time we got a new release from Perry. She milked the hell out of her third studio album, Teenage Daydream, producing five chart-topping singles and going on an epic tour in support of the album. That was all the way back in 2010, though, and since we are inching ever closer to 2014 it would stand to reason that she would put out a new album sooner rather than later. We’ve known for a while that the singer was already in the studio creating a brand new musical endeavor. Back in April, Perry announced she was working with several big names on the new record, including Sia, Max Martin, Dr. Luke, Greg Wells and Bonnie McKee. That doesn’t prove that the album will be the very best the singer has put out, but at least she has some talented people on board.

It has been a while since Perry actually put out an album, but in the interim since Teenage Daydream, the singer has kept busy, putting out a brand new fragrance called Killer Queen and even singing background vocals for the Smurfs 2 soundtrack. She’s also largely remained in the public eye, thanks to an on-again, off-again relationship with John Mayer.

As if a massive gold semi were not enough, Perry also Tweeted up a storm about the semi, noting that today’s sightings would not be the only time fans might get to see the large and shimmering vehicle.

In fact, the singer may have also teased the location of the semi's second stop.

Katy Perry Album

With a new album coming so soon, it stands to reason that we might even get a single from the singer sooner than expected. Especially since she is totally competing with Lady Gaga, whose new album, ARTPOP drops on November 11. There’s plenty of room in the pop charts for both females, and here’s hoping the new stuff deserves a spot in the charts.

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