Maria Menounos Tells Howard Stern She Was Inappropriately Touched By A Doctor

Extra co-host Maria Menounos stopped by Howard Stern’s Sirius XM show yesterday, and as usually happens on his program, the conversation ended up getting very personal. After the subject of doctors came up, Menounos revealed she’s had several awful experiences with male medical professionals including one in which she went in for a throat exam and the doctor touched her genitals.

Without any idea what to do, she apparently screamed but ultimately, decided not to press charges. According to E! Online, Stern then admitted his wife Beth Ostrosky too had a very uncomfortable experience with a male doctor but also decided not to push the matter any further.

In addition to the grossly over the line encounter she had at a young age, Menounos also revealed several male doctors have made comments about and touched her naval ring during examinations. That’s why she now always brings her longtime boyfriend Kevin Undergaro into examination rooms as a matter of precaution.

Being at the doctor is an uncomfortable and vulnerable experience without any misbehavior. The patient is almost always on edge and frequently disrobed. Sometimes doctors make bad comments in order to try and put people at ease, and sometimes they really are creeps who need their medical licenses revoked. In recent years, many male doctors have begun bringing nurses into examination rooms for liability purposes, but the practice can also serve the patient’s best interests as well.

Mack Rawden
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