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McKayla Maroney may not have been impressed with her silver medal, but that doesn’t mean she’s not impressed by the phenomenon her distasteful face created. Over the past few days, hilarious Internet users have photoshopped the disgusted picture of the gymnast on the podium into some of the more iconic moments in history, all with captions signifying how unimpressed she is. Yesterday, Maroney decided to join the craze herself, offering up a completely new picture with two of her teammates. You can take a look at the shot below…

The three gymnasts were planning to go for a swim in the Olympic pool when they discovered it was closed. Sensing an opportunity, they took that picture alongside the caption “The pool is closed…#notimpressed” and sent it out to all of Maroney’s fans via instagram. The immediate response was overwhelmingly positive with many praising Maroney for her sense of humor and willingness to laugh at herself.

With a gold and silver medal from these Olympic Games, Maroney clearly has a lot to be proud of, despite her flub during the vault final and subsequent unsportsmanlike behavior. History will remember her more for her contribution to the team win than it will for her other mistakes. That being said, I’m still planning on laughing at more unimpressed pictures for the next few weeks.

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