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Mel Gibson Might Sue Over Recording, Should He?

The long strange journey of Mel Gibson might once again wind up in court, though if it does, this time it’ll be the actor’s choice. Following the release of his foul-mouthed rant in Costa Rica, he’s reportedly considering filing a lawsuit against Joe Eszterhas for surreptitiously recording his words and making them public.

Given a lawyer hasn’t even been hired yet, the specific legal route Gibson might take is unclear, but it seems like there’s only two real possibilities. He could argue invasion of privacy since he was recorded in his own home without consent, or he could focus on the actual releasing of the tape itself as he didn’t authorize that either.

According to TMZ, Gibson has some close associates currently brushing up on Costa Rican law, and once they report back, he should have a more informed idea of how to proceed if he even has a case with winning potential. It’s entirely possible recording is permitted under any circumstances there, in which case he’d be shit out of luck.

This incident is just the latest in a string of angry words and actions between the director and Eszterhas. The latter was supposed to pen a script for a biopic they’d work on together called The Maccabees, but in-fighting and wild allegations derailed the project. Eszterhas accused Gibson of making threats toward Jewish people and his baby mama, while Gibson accused him of being a liar who didn’t fulfill his promises.

I’d be surprised if this mess didn’t end up in court. What do you think? Should Mel pursue legal action over the release of the recording or should he just let the issue die? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

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