Sky watchers and those who just like to see cool stuff should keep an eye out on April 15th! A lunar eclipse will soon be on the way with a unique twist. A “blood red” moon will be created during these total lunar eclipses which will bathe it in a glow that looks, as its name would imply, blood red. This is to be the first of four “blood red” moon eclipses over the next year and a half. So if for some reason you aren’t up at three in the morning, you’ll have plenty of other chances to come up with an excuse as to why you didn’t see this awesome phenomena. Kidding aside, this event comes with some huge historical significance.

According to Tech Times, four blood moons happening in a short period of time is a rare occurrence. As the video below you will state, it has only happened three times in the past 500 years and is referred to as a lunar tetrad. In the past lunar tetrads have coincided with major events, specifically those involving the Jewish religion.

The first lunar tetrad happened in 1492-1493. Americans will remember this as when Columbus discovered America, and religious historians will also point to the expulsion of the Jews from Spain. The second lunar tetrad would come on the heels of Israel being declared a nation in 1949. Mere coincidence right? Almost two decades later, the third lunar tetrad happened during the Arab-Israeli war.

So is it another coincidence that this upcoming lunar tetrad will fall on Jewish Passover 2014? While the evidence is very compelling, the last Lunar Tetrad happened without incident in 2004 and the end of times has not happened, so rest assured the Earth may keep spinning on its axis after all.

Speaking of which, your location isn’t relative to where you can or can’t see this “blood red” moon. Unlike solar eclipses where only certain parts of the world will see them at any given time, these total eclipses will be visible from wherever the moon is visible, as the color is caused by refracting light off of the earth. Will the Earth end because of these total eclipses? No one can say for sure, but it is interesting that we will have 8 more lunar tetrads before the 21st century is over. So enjoy this one when it comes, and perhaps get in the mood with some R.E.M or Pink Floyd while you watch April 15th.
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