Over the weekend, the National Basketball Association’s official YouTube channel passed one billion views. Because the people in charge of marketing the NBA are brilliant at their jobs and because any excuse for a good-natured compilation video is a worthy excuse, the league decided to reward fans with a two minute and forty-five second retrospect featuring highlights from some of the nine thousand plus videos the NBA has uploaded online. Not surprisingly, the result is pretty awesome.

Featuring a wonderful balance of in-game action, humorous interviews, dunk contests, trick shots and players simply goofing off for the hell of it, the footage has garnered almost five hundred thousand views in just a few days, which is pretty incredible considering it brings nothing new to the table. You can take a journey down memory line by checking out the clip below…

This video is a actually a good reminder of how young YouTube is. During my first watch, I was wondering why the hell there weren’t shots of many of the all-time great players. Then I remembered they retired well before YouTube was even an idea in someone’s brain. So, as weird as it is to see NBA history highlights that include more Jeremy Lin than Michael Jordan, it’s understandable in this case.

Here’s to hoping the NBA is still churning out brilliant marketing videos and pleasing the fans just as much when the channel hits two billion views.

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