Naked Pictures Of Glee's Heather Morris Hit The Internet

A little more than a week after Christina Hendricks and Olivia Munn discovered scandalous photos of themselves on the Internet, Heather Morris has found herself in the same position. More than two dozen pictures of the Glee star have been forwarded in and out of email accounts since they first appeared yesterday, but thus far, there’s been no comment from the actress.

The shots in question show the actress in various outfits, and the vast majority are PG-13 rated. Still, there’s a few fully unclothed pictures that appear to have been taken with a cell phone. That’s led E! News to speculate Morris may have been hacked, but without concrete word from her PR people, it’s all guess work.

Of course, Morris is no stranger to naked pictures. She took some tasteful black and white nude shots a few years back before landing her big role, but just because someone has willingly released them in the past doesn’t mean they want every such shot to emerge.

If the photographs were in fact released without Morris’ consent, one would imagine this issue has already turned into a federal investigation. Authorities have had some success in apprehending nude photo hackers in the past, but then again, this could easily be an ex-boyfriend or a shady buddy with access to Morris’ phone.

We’ll keep you updated if she decides to publicly comment or if an arrest is made down the line.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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