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If you’re a nervous parent who thinks your child is going to get a concussion doing even routine activities, you might not want to watch this video because it could give you a panic attack. If, like the rest of us, you realize children are extremely resilient and can bounce back from almost anything, prepare to have a solid laugh.

Earlier this month, the Bennett family decided to set up a camera in their son Jude’s room to see what he actually did during his nap time. They didn’t really expect to see a whole lot of sleep, but what they got was still shocking. Instead of laying down, the kid would stand up and intentionally faceplant on the mattress. Take a look at the hilarity below…

The single biggest upshot to being a child is the ability to have fun doing literally anything. This kid is confined to a two foot by four foot baby jail cell, and he’s still living it up by creating his own game that may or may not be to see how many brain cells he can destroy within a five minute interval. Spoiler alert: the answer is a lot.

Kudos to these parents for just rolling with the punches on this. A healthy percentage of moms and dads would probably rush their kid to the hospital, but these two are smart enough to know he’ll bounce back without issue. More than likely.

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