Nick Cannon recently created a huge stir in Hollywood and on the internet with his whiteface character Connor Smallnut, created to promote his new album. Whether you find his act funny or offensive, or just odd, there's no doubt you've heard his name more than once this past week.

Now Nick is rocking cheetah print hair and sharing it on Instagram. I'm really not sure if he thinks this improves his look or makes him more edgy, when his typical style is pretty conservative. His antics recently seem to be a rebranding of sorts for Cannon, so maybe we can expect a less wholesome image than before on his album and acting roles.

Perhaps the biggest shocker is that Nick Cannon has suddenly found his way back into the spotlight which had seemingly all but forgotten about him, at least apart from the fact that he's also Mariah Carey's husband. I personally wasn't aware that Cannon even made music, only knowing him as a family friendly actor and comedian. His album, White People Party Music drops on April 1st.

This spring, Cannon is slated to host NBC's America's Got Talent for its ninth season. He's also working on a sequel to the 2002 hit, Drumline set to air on VH1. With all these projects Cannon is clearly trying to put his eggs in multiple baskets and show that he is well rounded and talented. Let's hope his antics don't slow him down or make his entire image one huge joke.

Not that he's opposed to making those. You can watch him joke around about how much the average white person loves him in the interview I've embedded below...

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