Nick Cannon And Mariah Carey Have Sex To Her Music

Howard Stern is a master at convincing his guests to open up and share their strangest secrets. Over the years, some of Hollywood’s biggest stars have gone on his radio program and casually offered graphic details about their sex lives and unfulfilled fantasies. This morning, Nick Cannon added an all-time great to the already long list, and for my money, his admission might be one of the oddest of all-time. The America's Got Talent host and Mariah Carey actually turn on her music when they’re having sex.

The juicy reveal came during a discussion about why he and his wife would be incredible reality stars. Cannon admitted he and Carey not only enjoy her music when they have sex, he personally turns it on whenever she’s not home and he’s masturbating. Apparently, the track “Hero” really gets him in the mood and reminds him “of what’s at home”.

It’s actually a good thing he admitted the masturbation element of this because if he hadn’t, it would really seem like Carey is so self-obsessed that she needs to fantasize about herself when she’s in the bedroom with her husband. Even for a gigantic pop star, that would still be all kinds of weird and perverse.

If you’re interested in hearing a more thorough discussion of Cannon’s masturbation habits, you can head on over to TMZ to listen to the recording. Otherwise, feel free to add this entire reveal to the list of reasons most people are pleased Nick and Mariah don’t have their own reality show.

Mack Rawden
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