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One Track Sunday: Selena Gomez Debuts Slow Down

Selena Gomez turned 21 recently. To celebrate the big event, the singer dropped the music video for “Slow Down,” which features the youthful star dressed to the nines and driving around in a slick Mercedes under the neon lights. She later bares her midriff in a club, singing about spending time with a boy during the whole night. It’s racier stuff than fans have come to expect from Gomez, but it does represent another step in the more adult direction Gomez has begun to gravitate toward, starting with the film Spring Breakers.

This isn’t to say “Slow Down” is too sexy or inappropriate. It’s way tamer than the tamest stuff we might get from the likes of Rihanna or Nicki Minaj. While we may think one thing when she’s talking about spending a night with a boy, the video is crafted so that we see a young girl talking about a wild night of dancing. Plus, while Gomez may be singing about a boy, the focus in the music video is solely on the star.


Some weeks are bigger than others for music videos, and as Mashable noted, the last several days have been field days for VEVO, a site which earned a new entry from One Direction and did extremely well thanks to Gomez’s video. Pop music lovers may have been going wild about the new releases, but there was room for some more grown-up musical releases, too, with Fiona Apple earning plenty of publicity for her newest single. Apple’s music videos are generally pretty weird, but the singer actually made headlines for “Hot Apple,” thanks to signing on her former boyfriend to direct the video, who happens to be none other than famed director P.T. Anderson.

There may be some excellent stuff out right now, but Gomez’s latest is doing especially well, generating over 11 million views since the official video was first released, which averages out to more than a million views per day. The track comes from the singer’s debut solo album, Stars Dance and is the second single following “Come & Get It.” You can order the single and album over at iTunes (opens in new tab).

Between her chaotic, sometimes Bieber-full personal life and her budding acting career, it's sometimes easy to forget just how talented musically Gomez is. This video is a nice reminder of that, and hopefully, its popularity will be a sign of many exciting and brilliant things to come.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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