Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr are dunzo. After six years of togetherness and three years of marriage, the two recently decided to go their separate ways. Rather than let rumors fester, they issued a joint statement through their publicists this week, but not surprisingly, it explains exactly nothing about what may have gone wrong.

Here’s a copy of the statement, courtesy of TMZ
"They have been amicably separated for the past few months. After six years together, they have recently decided to formalize their separation."

Kerr and Bloom first got together in 2007. Thanks to her modeling career and his work on The Lord Of The Rings and Pirates Of The Caribbean, they were initially the talk of the town. Eventually, they settled pretty well into domestic life and following their wedding, she gave birth to their son Flynn in 2011. Over the years, the two have seemed remarkably happy whenever they’ve been spotted out and about on dates and as a family, but apparently, there were some issues bubbling beneath the surface.

Considering the joint statement, there’s reason to hope these two will choose to be as amicable and easy as possible through the divorce proceedings, but with all of their shared assets, if one of them decides to fight it out, they could well find themselves in court for months. Ideally, however, they’ll focus on Flynn and realize he will be far better off having parents who can co-exist at social events and drop him off at each other’s houses without causing a scene and acting selfishly.

There should be plenty of progress on the divorce front over the next few months. We will make sure and let you know whenever a settlement is reached or if all else fails, they waste a whole bunch of money and go to trial.

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