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More than a year after calling the marriage off, Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries still aren’t any closer to settling their divorce, and if attorneys for the reality star are to be believed, it’s because the basketball player has no interest in actually severing the knot binding himself and his estranged wife. In fact, his attorneys recently deposed Kim's new boyfriend Kanye West, but hilariously, they haven’t actually gotten around to deposing her.

According to TMZ, Kardashian’s attorney Laura Wasser went to court today and asked the judge to end the “fishing expedition” Humphries has been on for the last year. He’s currently trying to fight the prenuptial agreement the two parties signed prior to their pathetic seventy-two day marriage, and she wants all of the delays and all of the bullshit to end immediately.

Over the past year, Humphries has watched his reputation sink to unfathomable lows, and every single day he kicks his heels on this divorce, the worse he actually looks. Why the hell would you want to stay married to someone it failed so spectacularly with? He can’t honestly think he deserves even a single cent of her money when he couldn’t even last three months. At this point, his own goal seems to be to piss her off, which is pathetic and juvenile.

A court date has been set for February 15. Here’s to hoping that will finally prove to be the beginning of the end for this stupid relationship.

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