Podcap: The Joe Rogan Experience: 448 - Tom Segura

Podcasts are radio at its finest. As such, they should be lauded and enjoyed, and most importantly shared. I am an official podcast connoisseur, listening in only the fanciest of rooms with the fanciest of headsets. These shows come in such varied flavors that anyone can find something to like. While we continue many of my own personal favorite shows, this is about exploring new shows as much as sharing old ones. From the dreadfully popular to the freaky basement recordings of strangers, welcome to Podcap. This week we visit with The Joe Rogan Experience, for the episode “#448 - Tom Segura,” released February 3, 2014.

I Know That Guy! Wait...How Do I Know That Guy?

Comedy nerds know Joe Rogan as the comic who calls others out for thievery. Most notably he started the hoopla about Carlos Mencia being a joke thief, and of course Dane Cook. Love him or hate him, Rogan is a guy who hates bullshit and calls everyone out on theirs. The rest of the world knows Joe in one of two ways: either as the host of the NBC show Fear Factor, or as the color commentary guy from the UFC fights. The Joe Rogan Experience is a long form conversational podcast where Rogan talks mainly with comedians, but occasionally with interesting people with fascinating stories to tell.

Dude Bro, What’s Up?

The Joe Rogan Experience is as typical of a podcast as you can get. At least, the kind that involves people discussing general topics. It has also aired on satellite radio, so there’s a polished radio vibe to the show. But Rogan keeps things loose and free most of the time, often daring to go into topics he has no clue about and is willing to explore. He’ll admit to being wrong, or not knowing, just as often as he’ll make claims that are just plain wrong. In other words, he’s a dude just talking about shit.

For the most part Rogan’s show sticks with comedian guests. Rather than always having something to plug or promote, The Joe Rogan Experience has them on to be another funny commentator on the topics at hand. It’s a simple system, easily accessible to those still not sure they’re ready to jump into the podcast listening pool. Rogan is fairly liberal, but his comedy style is a little bit of the “douche dude” style. Just remember, it’s a comedy podcast and he’s joking. A fact he’ll sometimes explain, because above all things Rogan is a joke nerd.

The Podcap

This episode features comedian Tom Segura joining Joe and The Joe Rogan Experience producer Brian Redban. Don’t expect any groundbreaking discoveries with this episode, but aside from the bitcoin episode a little while ago, it’s one of my recent favorites. Everything starts off so mundane, with Joe and Brian discussing how wind works in a closed building. Joe takes time to make points about how we take wind and air for granted because it’s often so mundane and unnoticed around us, especially in climate controlled buildings.

Then we get into a discussion of Duck Dynasty and homophobia. The “dude bro” style of Joe always seems weird as he calls people out for being hateful, when all preconceived notions would have you think Joe is one of those guys. He’s not at all, and spends a good deal of time here going after those who hate gays. This leads into a controversial stance. Joe talks about how 70% of black people in California voted to repeal gay marriage. I’m not sure how accurate his numbers are, as he doesn’t often offer up sources when having these casual conversations. The homosexual discussion then turns to the Bible, and Joe covers the usual “you’re cherry picking” what you want to believe from the Bible argument.

What this episode continues to have that is so great is a layman’s discussion on things like evolution, scientists trying to genetically modify monkeys to be super smart, and how long humans have been on the planet. He knows what most of us know on these subjects, and he spends time marveling at the knowledge we have. Joe’s facts aren’t all spot on, but he’s a guy who really works with the gist of things well. What he’s trying to say comes through clear, and you could nitpick. Then you stop and remember that he’s a comedian, this is a comedy podcast, and we’re listening in on a group of guys talking.

When the discussion turns to rape, and how it could be possible for a woman to rape a man, the last thing you expect after all of this is for things to turn to farting and shit jokes. That’s the kind of joy The Joe Rogan Experience can bring to your life. You sit around listening, having a good time hearing the banter, and then you realize that the group has moved from discussing the nuances of rape to the trials and tribulations of dealing with a monster dump. Which pretty much sums up The Joe Rogan Experience. It’s a show about everything, with no taboo topics, and when Joe talks with people you’re going to hear it all.

It’s not the most sophisticated show in podcasting. But if you want to hear someone who is genuinely inquisitive and has a lot to say, then The Joe Rogan Experience will be just the thing to give a try.

Steve West

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.