Pregnant Kristen Bell Jokes She Weighs 367 Pounds

While a lot of Hollywood celebrities manage to look cute, tidy, and confusingly thin during pregnancy, actress Kristen Bell has accepted her rounding shape as much as she is accepting her growing belly. Despite this, the super cute House of Lies actress is not above joking about how she has been “getting fatter by the day” back in November and now that she’s even further along in her pregnancy, it seems she’s going to keep up with the weight jokes for the next few months.

On Wednesday, Bell appeared in a radio interview with CBS Detroit’s Stoney and Bill. The two men do a celebrity mystery guest during their radio show, and (spoiler alert) Bell began her tenure by bringing up her pregnancy as her first clue, sort of.

“I was once hottie of the week, but I am currently quite a bit overweight.”

The hosts asked the 32-year-old actress, who is engaged to Parenthood actor Dax Shepard, how far along in her pregnancy she was and Bell answered jokingly that she is weighing “367 lbs.” at this juncture. By the way the actress has interviewed lately, it’s easy to tell her weight gain is bothering her a little bit, but, despite how she probably feels, no one's judging her, and she’ll be having the baby soon enough. It’s easy to feel a little troubled when your body goes through unwanted changes, but at least she’s been chipper and joking about the weight gain, and is very excited about the baby. Just remember K. Bell, it’s all for the best cause ever!

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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