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Randy Travis Claims Ex-Wife Ruined His Career With Her Big Mouth

Country star Randy Travis was a bit of a hellion during his early years. Despite his incredible talent, he had many run-ins with the law. Eventually, a judge released him into the custody of Elizabeth Hatcher, a local club owner who’d watched him win a talent contest and hired him to wash dishes. She began as his manager, and the two eventually moved in together, later becoming lovers and then spouses. Unfortunately, the decades long relationship went south, and now it’s ended up in court with ugly accusations flying.

According to TMZ, Elizabeth fired a lawsuit against Randy claiming he breached their contract by terminating her without payment. That prompted the legend to file his own suit arguing she actually owes him money since she single-handedly ruined his career by going public with numerous personal details about his life. He also claims she lied about how much travel expenses actually cost in order to pocket the difference. He doesn’t think she’s entitled to a dime of back payment, and he doesn’t think she should get any money for any of his future gigs.

Given how long the two were together, both as business partners and lovers, it’s clear they once cared for each other quite a bit. Sadly, that love apparently isn’t enough to keep them from slinging shit at each other publically. I’m not sure how Travis thinks legal action will prevent more personal details from being divulged, but I suppose a man’s gotta fight for what he believes in.

This should only get uglier in the coming months. We’ll keep you updated.

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