Publicity stunts can take on many shapes and sizes, from one-night-only red carpet appearances to elaborate concerts or movie promotions that seem to take over headlines for days. But it's hard to imagine a stunt more ambitious and potentially insane than Rihanna's 777 Tour, which brings the pop star to 7 countries to give 7 concerts in just 7 days. Making it even crazier? She's bringing 200 journalists and fans along with her, all crammed into a jet that carries them all over the world in incredibly close proximity.

For the journalists along for the ride it sounded like a dream scenario-- 7 days of luxury travel to cities like Stockholm and Paris, all in tight quarters with one of the world's biggest stars. But as the 777 tour winds to a close, the reality of the situation is turning out to be quite different. There are a lot of accounts online of what's happening in the press section of the jet, from a streaking Australian to chants of "Save our jobs!" as the reporters beg for more access to Rihanna, who has been oddly inaccessible since the tour kicked off. But one of the most recent, and also the funniest, comes from MTV Style, where Mary HK Choi and Maud Dietch give insight into just how stir-crazy and filthy things have gotten as the plane prepares to fly from Berlin to London (with many hours of delays first). Here's just a tiny excerpt:

MD: OH MY GOD THEY’RE COMING AROUND WITH SOMETHING WRAPPED IN FOIL I THINK IT’S SAUSAGE [NOPE, MORE SANDWICHES] THAT MEANS WE’RE NEVER GETTING OFF THIS PLANE. Also it now smells like a movie theater concession stand on the Rihanna plane and the people next to us just rolled up to their seats with tumblers filled with whiskey and then one of them promptly spilled it into his seat back pocket. Maybe Rihanna was buying lingerie for all of US in Paris while we were foraging for delicious, clearly-labeled, microwavable, chicken fajita burritos and instead getting ricotta cheese jammed into a tomato-flavored crepe. HAR HAR HAR.

MHKC: God, I wish some of us WOULD eat something. I mean, for all the ribbing and good-natured complaining and the joshing about that one Australian guy with the harmonica that we’re cheerfully plotting to behead, some of us are the problem. As frequently as they don’t feed us, they keep plying us with alcohol. Some of us may have been on a tear since yesterday. And it's been another all-nighter. SOME OF US DON’T HAVE INSIDE VOICES. #ISITYOU. #PRETTYSUREITSYOU. I have had ear plugs in consistently for the last two days.

MD: OK, so I think it’s worth noting that I, a person who cries ALL THE TIME, have only cried once this whole week and it was yesterday on the bus from the airport in Paris. I tried to hide it but whatever no shame it was THE WACKEST bus ride of my life. I know I’m here to work and not to, you know, live, but it took 11 hours to take a 2 hour flight. Which meant that rather than sitting down for a normal meal like normal people and having a civilized glass of wine FOR MY FIRST TIME IN PARIS, we were SHOVELING 18 kinds of lox into our maws in the 20 minutes we had between showering and getting ON THE BUS AGAIN. I HATE THE BUS.

I've participated in my share of publicity stunts in the past-- I flew on a chartered JetBlue plane with Morgan Spurlock to Altoona, Pennsylvania for the day, I ate more British food is remotely healthy for a Harry Potter DVD release-- but the length of the Rihanna 777 Tour and the distance to trail takes this to a whole new level. As the reporters tell it, they haven't seen daylight since leaving Toronto on a red-eye that landed them in Stockholm…. just as the sun went down. Sure, these people aren't digging ditches or working in a coal mine, but you can see how even the most luxurious conditions become stifling when you're jet-lagged, poorly fed, and never getting a look at the star you're actually there to follow.

There's only a day or two left in the 777 Tour, so check back at MTV (or another favorite, Pop Dust) for all the gory details from a publicity stunt that seems to be going very much off the rails.

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