Rihanna’s plan to shoot photographs inside the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi didn’t go very well over the weekend. Or, perhaps, it went exactly as the singer planned. Regardless, the pop star was given the big ugly boot from the grounds of the famed Mosque for not showing the structure the proper respect, but as you can see from the above photograph, she was able to emerge with her camera and post the shots already taken.

According to The Associated Press, leaders of the Mosque released a statement this morning outlining the specifics of why she was kicked out. First, she apparently wandered into some areas that are completely off limit to the general public, and second, the “status and sanctity” of the property were violated by her photo shoot. In short, she wasn’t exactly treating the grounds like a holy place, which shouldn’t come as a shock given this is the same woman who once wore a necklace with the c-word into a church.

As you can tell from the pictures, which were shot by Gomillion and Leupold, the starlet clearly put effort into choosing attire that’s a little more modest than others she’s sported, but still, it’s hard to imagine there are many religious sites in the world that would be pumped about her posing to generate more publicity.

That being said, the photographs are very visually striking, and the creative team clearly picked the right career path. You can take a look at another one of the shots below…

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